Immediate Effect: More Beautiful Hair

ThermoCut System, or “hot scissors,” is claimed to seal split ends with heated blades. According to several master hairstylists and studies, this new tool really makes the cut.

With the ThermoCut System, haircutting becomes a wellness treatment. The cutting edges of the scissors are heated to a constant temperature and, thus, seal the ends of the hair during cutting.

Unlike traditional scissors, which open the cuticle and leave the hair susceptible to environmental stress that can cause frizz and dryness, the heat from the hot scissors seals the end of the hair to trap in moisture and protect the hair from damage. This keeps the cut looking fresh for weeks.

The effect of Jaguar TC is visible after the first haircut. The entire structure of the hair is improved! The hair gets more volume, more shine, more bounce and elasticity. Your hair is easier to care for and the self-regeneration of the hair is stimulated.